About Us

In 1993, CFG enterprises, USA began to create an epoch clothing line with a sense of moderns, energetic, and eastern ethnic heritage. After four extended years of investigation and data gathering, the company successfully achieved the foundation for CFG, a design trend and formed a prefect production support team. With millions anticipating the opening of CFG Boutique, without disappointment the company launched its first international lustrous brand in New York City, spring 1997. Immediately, it created an electrifying headline in the fashion industry and become China¡¯s latest fad. Even America¡¯s fashion commerce had excellent remark about CFG¡¯s clothing line. ¡°I could not believe that the Chinese garment can be so incredibly gorgeous and modern¡± there is a never-ending search of fresh talent in the fashion world; CFG offers a breath of fresh air in the market.